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​厚木 マッサージ,本厚木 マッサージ,厚木 セラピスト,厚木 タイ古式,厚木市のマッサージサロン|厚木タイ古式マッサージAnge,
​厚木 マッサージ,本厚木 マッサージ,厚木 セラピスト,厚木 タイ古式,厚木市のマッサージサロン|厚木タイ古式マッサージAnge,

Atsugi Thai Massage Ange Angers

privacy policy

● Regarding the handling of personal information

At our salon,

Considering the importance of acquiring and managing personal information

We will carry out the following efforts.

・ For reservations and inquiries on this site

 Enter the information, and when you come to the store

When filling out the questionnaire,

We will collect personal information.
・ Providing personal information from everyone is optional

However, the prescribed information was provided .

If not, of a particular service or product

We may not be able to provide it.
・ The acquired personal information may be lost or leaked.

Strive to prevent accidents at our salon

Used for purposes other than service provision and product provision

I will not.
・ The acquired personal information is a life-threatening crisis or
disaster .

Third party except in case of emergency such as outbreak

We will not disclose or provide to.
・ Our salon handles personal information

We will comply with laws and guidelines.
・ Suspension of provision of various information from our salon,

Deletion of personal information, other personal information

 For inquiries, please contact the following


Our salon / site management manager

3-17-21 Nakacho, Atsugi City, Kanagawa Prefecture

Wamires Building 3rd floor

Atsugi Thai Traditional Massage Ange

Operation Shonan Atsugi Tech Co,. Ltd

Atsugi Thai Traditional Massage Ange

Contraindications in

Those who fall under the following items will refuse the treatment

It may be. Please note that.

・ Those who are under the influence of drugs / alcohol, etc.

Those who appear to be present , those who are pregnant, those who have severe skin disease / infectious disease, those who have diabetes / heart disease, those who are undergoing treatment for illness / injury, etc.

 Those who are annoying to other customers, etc.

 If we judge that it is against common sense, we will perform the procedure .

Even if it was on the way, the treatment was stopped immediately and I left the building.

I will. In that case, the full amount of the regular fee will be charged.

As well as paying , the police and security companies in charge

I will report to.


(Other general confirmation items)
Online reservations and reservation cancellations
can be made up to 1 hour before the treatment start time. After that

Please make a reservation or cancel by phone.
In case of cancellation after the start time has passed or without contact, the amount equivalent to the treatment fee will be used as the cancellation fee.

I will accept it. In addition, if the treatment is rounded up for the convenience of the customer after the treatment starts, refunds and coupons cannot be issued for any reason .

Thank you in advance for your understanding.

​厚木 マッサージ,本厚木 マッサージ,厚木 セラピスト,厚木 タイ古式,厚木市のマッサージサロン|厚木タイ古式マッサージAnge,

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