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Why don't you learn Thai traditional massage, which is said to be the most comfortable in the world?

"Ange Thai Traditional Massage Academy is open !!"

We believe that it is our mission to meet a wide range of needs, from professional therapists who aim to open their own businesses stoicly to those who aim to acquire skills and qualifications comfortably with a sense of practice.
The characteristic of Ange Thai Traditional Massage Academy is not only the technology and theory that are the basis of it, but also the know-how transfer of "client-oriented treatment" that is possible only by the top therapist instructor of the actual sales salon.
Please feel the difference with your skin!

​厚木 マッサージ,本厚木 マッサージ,厚木 セラピスト,厚木 タイ古式,厚木市のマッサージサロン|厚木タイ古式マッサージAnge,
​厚木 マッサージ,本厚木 マッサージ,厚木 セラピスト,厚木 タイ古式,厚木市のマッサージサロン|厚木タイ古式マッサージAnge,

Ange Thai Traditional Massage Academy courses are taken from the basic course.
In addition, we have courses available, so please feel free to contact us if you are interested .


01 All courses can be taken in free time
02 Free time appointment system
03 Communication-oriented small group system
04 Full after-sales follow-up at physical stores

​厚木 マッサージ,本厚木 マッサージ,厚木 セラピスト,厚木 タイ古式,厚木市のマッサージサロン|厚木タイ古式マッサージAnge,

■ LEVEL 1​​ (Basic course)


Reached a level where Thai traditional 60 minutes can be performed

15 hours Cost: 88,000 yen (including textbook)

■ LEVEL  2(Professional course)

* This course is for those who have taken or completed LEVEL 1.

Reached a level where Thai traditional 120 minutes can be performed

20 hours Cost: 110,000 yen (including textbook)


Other courses

Foot massage 12 hours: 88,000 yen

Oil massage 30 hours: 220,000 yen

Chinazan 30 hours: 220,000 yen

On-school instructor course

Plus 10 hours of teacher training

Application fee 110,000 yen


After completing the course, you will be able to obtain a diploma issued by a Thai government accredited school.
(Registration fee: 5,500 yen)

1Day CCA HOME Thai Oil
5 hours review DVD included 33,000 yen

Regular follow-up courses for graduates

Please feel free to contact us for other details.

■ We will hold a certified course of the Japan Talksen Association

Talksen certified course 9 hours: 49,500 yen

Talksen set 15,180 yen

Certified therapist registration fee  5,500 yen

■ What is "Talksen"? 

>> See the contents of the Japan Talksen Association

Each school course is offered at Ange (Nakacho, Atsugi City), Atsugi Hayashi store, and Sala Atsugi Asahicho store.


For more information about the school, please feel free to contact us by phone or email.






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