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Atsugi Thai Traditional Massage Ange

We are looking for a therapist We can work happily together

We are looking for a therapist!

Employees / contract employees / outsourcing

Make good use of your own skills

Those who want to work in a more stable environment and conditions,

We are also recruiting trainees and inexperienced people at the same time.

​​ We have opened a therapist training facility at the south exit of Hon-Atsugi Station.

The cost of the school is borne by the company (Note 1) and you can improve your skills.

(Note 1) The company will bear the cost depending on the period of employment. Please contact us for details.










​厚木 マッサージ,本厚木 マッサージ,厚木 セラピスト,厚木 タイ古式,厚木市のマッサージサロン|厚木タイ古式マッサージAnge,

Ons School 2017 Thailand Training

​厚木 マッサージ,本厚木 マッサージ,厚木 セラピスト,厚木 タイ古式,厚木市のマッサージサロン|厚木タイ古式マッサージAnge,

Ons School 2018 Thailand training


◎ Occupation

Therapist (outsourcing)
Therapist and executive candidate (employee)

◎ Experienced people will be given the most preferential treatment depending on their skills.

We are looking for a wide range of experienced therapists, not limited to Thai traditional style. We will provide a stable environment with an eye on the future.

◎ Inexperienced students will be responsible for school expenses depending on the period of enrollment.

We are looking for inexperienced therapists. Please feel free to contact us. We will train practical therapists.

◎ We are looking for women between the ages of 20 and 45.

◎ Those who can shift more than one day a week

<Business consignment>
・ Work location: Hon-Atsugi ・ 2 days a week shift 2 to 3 people a day

Monthly remuneration 131,250 yen (example of outsourcing)

* Does not include nomination fees, etc. ・ 3 days a week shift 2 to 3 people a day

Monthly remuneration 183,750 yen (example of outsourcing)

* Does not include nomination fees, etc.-Shifts can be adjusted upon request-Can also work side-by-side with other stores or self-employed-Please check the difference in unit price from cheap stores

<Employees / contract employees>
・ Work location: Hon-Atsugi ・ After working as a contract employee for about half a year
・ Appointment to full-time employees depending on work conditions ・ Persons who can work 30 hours or more a week ・ Complete company insurance, fixed salary + commission, overtime allowance

◎ Therapists with abundant practical experience will carefully guide you. We have produced many therapists at our school.

◎ There is no burden on the therapist such as oil charges

◎ Those who aim to open independently and those who aim to improve their own skills are welcome (please consult with us for consultation for independent opening)

If you have any concerns or vague thoughts, please feel free to contact us.

​厚木 マッサージ,本厚木 マッサージ,厚木 セラピスト,厚木 タイ古式,厚木市のマッサージサロン|厚木タイ古式マッサージAnge,
​厚木 マッサージ,本厚木 マッサージ,厚木 セラピスト,厚木 タイ古式,厚木市のマッサージサロン|厚木タイ古式マッサージAnge,

~ Frequently Asked Questions ~

Q. What if I transfer from another store?

A. The decision will be made in consideration of the current treatment.

Q. Have you ever been a therapist?

A. Even beginners are fine. Carefully train as a therapist.

Q. Do I have to pay a tuition fee first?

A. No tuition fee is required if you take the course at our shop, reach a certain level and work for a certain period of time or longer.


Q. I work elsewhere and can only work 1-2 days a week?

A. It's okay from 1 day a week.

Q. I am currently a full-time housewife and would like to acquire skills.

A. Full-time housewives are welcome. You can acquire skills and work in your spare time.

Q. I would like to work within the scope of the dependent deduction.

A. All right. It can be adjusted if you wish.

For inquiries regarding therapist recruitment, please contact

Do you send from the application form?

Please feel free to contact us by phone or email.

Application forms and emails are accepted 24 hours a day

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