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April  8th (Friday) Nakagome, Inaba, Nishida

April  9th (Sat) Nakagome / Yonekura

April 10 (Sun) Serizawa, Nakagome, Nishida

April 11 (Monday) Serizawa / Nishida

April 12 (Tuesday) Nakagome / Nishida

April 13 (Wednesday) Serizawa / Yonekura

April 14 (Thursday) Serizawa, Inaba, Nishida


​​​ Thank you for your cooperation.

Request to customers

〇Please make a reservation on the web or by phone in advance.
〇Please come to the store wearing a mask and wear it inside the store.
〇Please wash and disinfect your hands when you come to the store and after the procedure.
〇People with a temperature of 37.5 degrees or higher at the time of visit cannot perform the treatment.
(Please check in advance.)
〇Please specify the contact information for emergencies in advance.
〇 If it is difficult to confirm the details, the treatment cannot be performed.
〇 In addition, we may refuse the treatment at our discretion.

Our efforts

〇 The therapist manages the temperature measurement when going to work or leaving work.
〇 Therapists always wear masks

   Hand wash and disinfect before and after the procedure.
〇Alcohol preparations are always available in the store, and equipment is installed.

   Disinfect with benzalkonium chloride solution.
〇 During business hours, the store will be constantly ventilated.
〇 The treatment booth uses germicidal lamps and is disinfected every time.
〇 After the business is closed, the inside of the store will be disinfected with an ozone washer.
In Kanagawa Prefecture, as part of measures against new corona infectious diseases,

Register specific measures that you are working on with the store,

We are creating notifications using LINE,

Our shop is also registering.




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